Law enforcement officers across the United States are trusted to investigate very sensitive cases such as sexual abuse. But what happens when the law enforcement officer is the one committing the violation and their department covers up the officer’s wrongdoing?

It is particularly disturbing when a person who is supposed to uphold the law uses their position of power to intimidate a person and forced them into sexual acts. Unfortunately, it happens often. The sexual violence inflicted on a person is not uncommon in this country. Police officers have committed sexual assaults, and although reported, the departments have managed to run the gamut of sexual abuse with relative impunity.
According to HBO’s Vice News, 1,219 officers were arrested for sex-related crimes from 2005 through 2012. They also stated that 17% of those officers arrested were considered repeat offenders. These were the ones that were reported and their department took action, but how many departments have tried to cover it up?

Every 98 Seconds an American is Sexually Assaulted

If you or a loved one was sexually abused by a law enforcement officer, please contact ar office at .


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