Texas Catholic Dioceses released the names of clergy members who were accused of sexual abuse of a minor

March 2, 2019

In October 2018, Dallas Bishop Edward J. Burns announced in a press conference that the church would release a list of clergy who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse dating back to the 1950s. On January 31, 2019, the Dallas Catholic Diocese released the names of 31 clergy members who were accused of sexual abuse of a minor. Dioceses from Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston- Houston, Laredo, Lubbock, San Antonio, Tyler, and Victoria also released names of clergy accused of sexual misconduct.

In a letter from the Dallas Bishop Burns, he explains, “A ‘credible allegation’ is one that, after review of reasonably available, relevant information in consultation with the Diocesan Review Board or other professionals, there is reason to believe is true.” He added, “The process to compile this list began with an outside group of former state and federal law enforcement officers that reviewed the files of the 2,424 priests who have served in this diocese since 1950. Those investigators identified files which contained credible allegations of the sexual abuse of minors.”

The Bishop admitted that the church failed the victims and failed to hold the clergy members accountable. Bishop Burns stated in his letter that, “as we look back at the Church’s history, our failure to protect our most vulnerable from abuse, and hold accountable those who preyed on them, fills me with both sorrow and shame. But the painful yet necessary process that began in 2002 in this Diocese has also led to much-needed reforms that we continue to rigorously implement today. Going forward, we must remain vigilant.”

To view the list, please visit www.cathdal.org/response.

Victims of these types sexual abuse have suffered in silence long enough. If you are a victim, you should know there is something that can be done to ease your pain and suffering and to attain justice for the emotional and physical harm inflicted upon you and for the betrayal by those you should have been able to trust. Let the experienced attorneys at Baron and Budd fight for you. Call us at (866) 558-5574 or online.


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