New York Courts Flooded with Sex Abuse Suits After Child Victims Act Launches

August 23, 2019
The New York State legislature passed the Child Victims Act (CVA)

The New York State legislature passed the Child Victims Act (CVA) earlier this year to give victims of child sexual abuse the ability to seek justice and hold their abusers accountable years after the previous statute of limitations would allow.

The CVA went into effect on August 14, 2019 and provides a one year window for any adult survivor of child sexual abuse to initiate civil court action against their abuser or any negligent institution, no matter how long ago the incident occurred and no matter how old the victim is now.

Thousands of claims are expected to be filed in the coming year. The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 430 lawsuits were filed on the first day the CVA was enacted. The state court system is expecting so many lawsuits to be filed that it designated 45 judges to deal exclusively with CVA cases. According to a CNN article, suits are expected to be filed against the Archdiocese of New York, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Rockefeller University, the Boy Scouts, Jeffrey Epstein and others.

Moving forward, the law has extended the statute of limitations on reporting child sexual abuse crimes to the age of 28 in criminal cases and the age of 55 in civil cases. This is in addition to the one year window that allows victims regardless of age or how long ago the incident happened to file a civil suit.

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