Dallas Police Execute Search Warrant in Catholic Diocese Sex Abuse Case

May 17, 2019

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas was in the spotlight yesterday when Dallas Police executed a search warrant at several Diocese properties. The Dallas Police have been investigating charges of child sex abuse since August 2018. During the investigation, police say new allegations have emerged and multiple suspects have been identified. The Catholic Diocese reported the initial claims in August last year, but according to the police search warrant, the Diocese was not forthcoming with all of the information related to the case.

Information Comes to Light

Several victims have come forward with allegations of abuse related to at least five Dallas area Catholic priests. In August 2018, Edmundo Paredes was identified as a suspect and Dallas Police issued a warrant for his arrest. However, Paredes has likely fled the country and has not yet been located. The affidavit Dallas Police used to obtain the search warrant yesterday also identified Richard Thomas Brown, Alejandro Buitrago, William Joseph Hughes, Jr., and Jeremy Myers as having credible sexual abuse allegations.

Detectives said the Catholic Diocese did not hand over all the records about these allegations and many of the records or files were incomplete. Police executed the search warrants to “collect any data and documentation of previous reports of abuse that may be held by the Dallas Catholic Diocese.”

As more victims come forward and police uncover more evidence, these longtime unreported crimes and abuses are being exposed, bringing the victims one step closer to justice and bringing accountability to those that commit and cover up these heinous crimes.

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