Is there a time limit on when I can file a lawsuit?

Yes, but it is very fact-specific and varies from state to state. The more details you are able to provide us, the better we can assess whether a deadline has passed or is approaching. Before we file any lawsuit, we will discuss the direction of the case with you and evaluate the best strategy for your particular case.

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What good will it do to speak up?

It takes great courage to come forward when you have been the victim of sexual abuse, especially when it was many years ago. You may be asking yourself, “why reopen old wounds?” Speaking up will allow you to confront your abuser(s) and those who directly or indirectly allowed it to happen. No one will criticize you for choosing to stay silent. However, speaking up and coming forward can help prevent future abuse of other victims, can help you find closure, and is the only way to truly hold those responsible who failed you accountable.

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Is the process complicated?

Coming forward is the hardest part. Once you hire us as your attorneys, we will investigate the abuse. The more help and details you are able to provide to us, the better. As we identify those who share in the responsibility for allowing the abuse to happen to you, we will confront each on your behalf either in or out of the courtroom. Every case is unique, however, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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How can I get started?

The first step is to hire us and provide as much basic information as possible. Our investigation team will then be in touch to fill in the gaps and obtain additional supporting evidence.

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