Sexual abuse by a person of authority in a church is a serious matter in the United States and around the world. Thousands of people nationwide have reported being sexually abused by clergy.  Investigations of these reports are revealing the churches involved often cover up these types of abuses.

The churches are putting their reputation and needs above that of the victims of sexual abuse by one of their clergy members. This is absolutely unacceptable!

The Majority of Sexual Assault Victims are under 30

Clergy members across the country and around the world are facing allegations of sexual abuse against adults and far too often against children. In many instances, these allegations stretch back decades. The individuals who have dealt with this type of abuse have to deal with years of mental anguish.

Thousands of these victims are fighting back, taking legal action against the Church. They are filing lawsuits against dioceses across the U.S. for putting church leaders and clergy members in a position to be able to abuse their authority in such a heinous manner.

Laws regarding sexual abuse can vary widely from state to state, and there are several other factors that make these cases extremely complex.

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Rape is the most underreported crime. 63% of Sexual Assaults are not reported to police.